A spiritual journey to the heart of Ladakh.


Join us on a ten-day spiritual and scenic tour of the ancient kingdom of Ladakh situated in the far northern Indian Himalayas. Explore the sacred sites and temples of this ancient Himalayan culture. Discover the hospitality of the Ladakhi people in this land on the roof of the world. Join us for daily meditations as we connect to the deeply profound spiritual energies in this majestic land. Journey here to reveal within a renewed sense of inner peace and connection with the land, earth, and sky. 

The natural beauty here is unrivaled as we travel through this landscape to experience the expansive views, snow-capped mountains, wild rivers, and majestic sand dunes all intersected by stunning Tibetian monasteries and ancient farming villages. Our small group travels throughout the upper and lower Indus Valley, Nubra Valley, and Changthang plateau to explore the sacred sites and temples of this millennium-old Ladakhi-Tibetian culture.  




Discover new lands on a ten-day tour of the ancient kingdom of Ladakh in the Himalayas of north India. 

July 16-26
  August 7-17 


“When the wind calls, you know, that somewhere in the mountains, it has found the answers that you were looking for. The pull of the horizon overcomes the inertia of reason…And you just have to go.”

Vikram Oberoi


Victoria Erickson



Douglas Orton

I will be your guide on this ten-day journey.  I have been traveling most of my life to different countries and cultures where have taken real delight in interacting with peoples, customs, histories throughout the world.  


After spending many seasons working, trekking and photographing throughout the mountains of the western United States,  I began to travel to Ladakh in 2013 for trekking, volunteering, meditating and photography.


I had often heard of a special place by the name of Ladakh which is located at the very top of India. I began to search online on how to get there and what to do.  And by the summer of 2013, I found myself in New Delhi India and then on a short connecting flight to Ladakh.  The plane landed at ten in the morning and as soon as I stepped foot on the tarmac and looked around I had a very special feeling about the place. I felt as if I had arrived home.  I proceeded into town and was led to a guest house that I was happy to find was owned and run by friends of a friend. It seemed to be a very small world. 


As the weeks went on in Ladakh I found many more wonderful synchronistic encounters and mysterious happenings. I went on a few treks this summer and really fell in love with the warmth, kindness, friendliness, and purity of the Ladakh people.  As I explored each region of Ladakh along with my trusty camera, I so came to appreciate and be astounded by the incredible beauty of the Himalayas. The mountains here look sparse and barren but there is a profound beauty to the rainbow of colors and the amazing variety of shapes and formations which have been created by the geology. Not to mention the deep and powerful spiritual energy here unlike anywhere else I've ever experienced. This high mountain desert holds a presence and quietness that many people return to year after year. 


I ended up spending my entire summer in Ladakh and came to appreciate the Buddhist culture and tribal peoples who make up the community. I was endlessly drawn to the rights, rituals, and energy of some of the more than 25 active Tibetan Monasteries.  Indeed, His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama spends most of July in Ladakh where he does a number of teachings. I have been fortunate to be able to attend teaching each time I have been to Ladakh. 


Now after spending five summers in Ladakh, I wish to share the energy, vitality, and essence of this remarkable and colorful land with others from around the world.  I would be pleased to have you along on this unique journey where I show you the hidden gems and introduce you to a special land. 







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